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Our Team
shi lan jing

Shi Lan Jing
Director & CEO
Working Year: 35 years
Skills: design and innovate coating machines
Duty: Fully manage gs company business running and strategy development
Motto:Honesty is the root of life and the foundation of dealing with everything



Working Year: 21 years
Duty: design and provide the solutions
Motto:Details determine the results

Dylan Yu

Dylan Yu

Sales Manager
Working Year: 12 years
Duty: Get clients request,offer the best solutions and services
Motto:diligence will bring luck



Sales assitant
Working Year: 9 years
Duty: Supporting the sales connection and after services
Motto:Smile to everything

Our Departments

After Sales Department

  • Installation and Debugging the machines
  • Finish the “Check & Accept” report
  • Spare Parts supporting

Production Department

  • Manufacture the machines according the technical department instruction
  • Test and run machine

Technical Department

  • Join the discussion with sales department and clients
  • Offer solutions and drawings
  • Instruct & Inspect production

Purchase Department

  • Purchase the related spare parts according to production department

Delivery & Stock Department

  • Manage the parts come in and out
  • Packing and delivery the machines

Financial Department

  • Manage the company daily running and calculate the cost