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Water Based Acrylic Adhesives

Water Based Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Acrylic adhesive Introduction

Water Based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives have extensive usage in different industry area,such as label sticker, paper, BOPP Tape etc. The formula have little difference according to different backing material and functional request. Such as viscosity, solid rate, additives etc.

For completely explain the concept of Acrylic adhesives, here I will explain the upstream raw materials, so that we can understanding the complexity and principle of acrylic adhesive.

Upstream raw material explanation

ItemsExplanationProduce method
Acrylic AcidAcrylic acid is an organic compound (CH2=CHCOOH) . It is the simplest unsaturated carboxylic acid. It is used for synthesize various acrylates and polyacrylates of different molecular weightsAcrylic acid is produced by oxidation of propylene, which is a byproduct of ethylene and gasoline production.

CH2=CHCH3 + 3⁄2 O2 → CH2=CHCO2H + H2O

AcrylateAcrylates are the esters and conjugate bases of acrylic acid and its derivatives. It can be used for producing adhesives, synthetic resins, special rubbers and plastics.

Main acrylate:

Methyl Acrylate (MA)

Butyl acrylate (BA)

Ethyl Acrylate(EA )

2-ethylhexyl acrylate

Acrylates are industrially prepared by treating acrylic acid with the corresponding alcohol in presence of a catalyst.

Formula of BOPP/Double-side/Label Tape Water based acrylic adhesives (PSA)

Acrylic adhesives(also called emulsion glue,due to the milky appearance) is using for produce tapes by coating machine, then we can get the sticky tapes.

Formula compositionProportion(%)CAS No.
Butyl acrylate (BA)65~85141-32-2
Methyl methacrylate3~1596-33-3
2-ethylhexyl acrylate10~30103-11-7
acrylic acid3~579-10-7

The above performance is for reference only and it is not used as a standard.

Production method

Firstly, put the monomers in the formula are mixed in proportion, slowly added to the soft water , then stirred smoothly until temperature rise. Secondly,the transition phase  temperature is controlled at 83-87 ° C, add the additives , then reacted at 77-79 ° C with one hour. Finally, cooling to below 40 ° C, use 100 mesh filter to obtain water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA)

It’s easy to say, but do good quality adhesives.In conclusion, it need more practices ,especially additives, temperature control,proportion etc

AppearanceMilky liquid
Solid content≥50-60%
pH value5.5~7
Viscosity(25°C mPa.s)50~200
Adhesion N/2.5mm≥5.6
Sticky time hr·40°C.1Kg≥8
Peel strength(N/2.5mm)≥6.8
Useful life (days)180