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How to do well on BOPP tape business?

1 Market demand analyse for bopp tape business?

BOPP tape is also normally called packing tape or Sellotape,which used on nearly all over our daily life and industrial area,such as food, logistics transportation, garment, hardware, household electrical appliances etc. Just because of it, there are many manufacturers and suppliers work on it around the world,especially in China.Everyone want to get sustainable profits and returns from this market, so that cause the competition is also most drastic. Even like this, every year there have lot of people who join in this area, existing factories upgrade their old equipments,enlarge production capacity,extend the related industry chain from upstream to downstream,new coming invest workshop,coating line and raw material ready to do.

chinese tape industry developing situation

Chinese Market demand for bopp tape

China’s tape production has maintained an upward trend. The output has increased from 9.47 billion square meters in 2006 to 18.89 billion square meters in 2015. Currently,China is the world’s largest tape producing country.But from 2015,Chinese tape industry started a downward trend, many domestic factories moved to Southeast Asian due to Chinese strict environment protection policy and cost labor rising ,meanwhile,overseas country tape producing are booming ,such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam,center Asian etc. Their government encourage them develop basic industry with good policy. Meanwhile,Chinese tape industry face big challenge ,especially BOPP Tape.

Chinese different tapes production proportion
2 Find out your tapes right market position

There have different kinds of bopp tape, such as superclear tape, office stationery tape,jumbo roll,colored tape,printed tape. We should clearly know which parts are more popular selling in local market and other markets. Besides, we also must know the production techniques for different type tapes. For instance,super clear tape, normally we should set up a clean workshop, so that avoid the micro particles from the adhesives glue,film and machine rolls. After you get the jumbo rolls, we can use the slitting machine to make to small tapes.

3 Have good machines for bopp tape production

The full BOPP Tape production line normally have bopp tape coating machine ,bopp tape slitting machine and packing machine. Some factories also do the printed tapes, they will prepare the flexo printing machine (Before some clients ask me, do the printing on the raw bopp film firstly or printing on adhesive jumbo rolls, here i can give confirmed answers: do the raw bopp film firstly ,then do coating and slitting)

BOPP Tape Coating Machine
BOPP Tape Coating Machine
4 Have good skills for production

Have good machines is still not enough, you must have professional production techniques, how to produce good quality tape with low cost and consumption, thats the key factor which determine your competitiveness. GS company can provide good Chinese master to our clients for reference.

5 Scientific management

How to do scientific management on bopp tape business? For example, reducing production cost and enhance profits etc. Different region and clients have different ways.In one word,that is hard to say clearly. I have one good suggestion is to check and learn the top BOPP Tape factories. Here i introduce some good factories:

(1)Zhejiang Quanwei Adhesive  Products Co.,Ltd       (Also Called “YongHe”, one of biggest bopp tape factory in China)


(3)YouYi Group(Fujian)