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Bopp Jumbo Roll

Full Details of BOPP Tape Jumbo Roll

Jumbo rolls

BackingBOPP film
AdhesiveAcrylic Pressure-Sensitive (Water-based or Solvent-based is available, mostly is water-based)
Film Thickness23um-40um
Jumbo roll thickness35um-60um
Jumbo roll TypeOrdinary, printed,colored,crystal clear,low noise

How to produce BOPP jumbo rolls?

jumbo roll
  1. Unwinding.Put the BOPP Film on the unwinder of BOPP Tape Coating Line. There have two type unwinder, such as, Lifting and duplex
  2. Corona treatment on BOPP Film. Normally the BOPP film will be corona treated from the film making factory, so that we can get good coating effects due to the rough surface of film. But if the bopp film have not used for long time, the surface will becoming smooth and slip, it’s hard to tack with adhesives. Then, we should consider about the second time corona treatment
  3. Coating. There have two kinds of coating method, one is comma blade, another is mayer bar. Both coating method is good for operation, comparatively, mayer bar coating method will be a little easy for operation. But it depend on client’s operation habit.
  4. Drying. After coating, the coated film will enter the drying process. Then,vapor the residual water so that make the glue to be curing. Inside the drying oven, we adopt hot air circulation technology, blowing heating air and ventilate the wasted air with water.
  5. Cooling. Cooling is a very important process. When the film come out from the oven, the film molecule structure is on the expansion status, must  make the film return the normal status by cooling process, so that the jumbo roll can get smooth appearance.
  6. Rewinder. There have two types of rewinding structure.For instance,single  and duplex type.Normally, low speed can choose single shaft, if high speed running, auto double shaft turret rewinding is best way.

After we get the BOPP jumbo roll, usually we should keep them stay in the workshop for several days, it will get more better.

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