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BOPP Tape Coating Machine drawing
BOPP Tape Coating Machine
BOPP Tape Coating Machine

BOPP Tape Coating Machine

  • Working Width: 500-2000mm (Commonly use size:1300/1600mm)
  • Working Speed:5-300m/min
  • Substrate/Backing :BOPP Film
  • Adhesive:Water-based Acrylic
  • Coating Method: Comma blade  or  Mayer Bar
  • Unwinder: Single station or Double station station(Recommend)
  • Winder:Single station or Double station station(Recommend)
  • Oven Open Type: Side-door or Air Cylinder
  • Tension Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Drying Method:Hot air circulation
  • Heating Resource: Steam/Thermal Oil/Electricity(depend on the costs in locals)
BOPP Tape Coating Line Testing
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BOPP Tape Coating Machine
BOPP Tape Coating Machine
BOPP Tape Production Line

For exactly customize BOPP Tape production line, we strictly compile details project process for reference