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PE Protective film coating machine

PE Protective Film Coating Machine(GS03A)

  • Application:PE Protective Film Coating(Generally use,such as windows,steel etc)
  • Working Width: 1300mm/1600mm
  • Working Speed:3-100m/min
  • Substrate/Backing :PE Film
  • Adhesive:Acrylic
  • Coating Method: Gravure or knife-roller
  • Unwinder: Auto
  • Winder:Auto
  • Oven Door: Side-open or air cylinder
  • Tension Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Drying Method:Hot air circulation
  • Heating Resource: Steam/Thermal Oil(depend on the costs in locals)
PE Protective Film
PE Protective Film
PE Protective Film Applications

PE protective film is used for effectively protecting various materials surface from damage and dust.…