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Our Coating Technology

Technology decide our working quality level and height

Unwinder is the first process starting from the coating line,different type unwinder choose according to different process coating line

Semi-auto lifting type unwinder
Single turret unwinder
Full-auto double turret unwinder
Full-auto four turret unwinder


Coater is the core technology of the coating machine, it significantly decide the coating quality on web.

Gravure Coating
Comma Blade
Slot die
Knife over rolls
Doctor blade
Mayer rod/bar or wire wound
Five rolls coating
Soaking coating


Dryer is also the core technology of the coating machine, it not only significantly decide the coating quality on web,but also decide whether there have high efficient production or not.

Hot Air circulation

Steam transfer energy heating air
Thermal Oil transfer energy heating air
Electricity transfer energy heating air

Oven both side windows
Cylinder control open-close

Guide rollers supporting


Rewinder is the last process of the coating machine,it directly affect your finished jumbo rolls whether have the smooth rolls

Single shaft turret rewinder
Full-auto double shaft turret rewinder
Full-auto four shaft turret rewinder

Others Technology
Web Correction
Web Correction

Guarantee the web transfer always be on the high precision rail

Web Tension Control
Web Tension Control

We have many substrate materials tension control experience, make it perfectly when the web transfer

PLC Control
PLC Control

Veteran electrical engineers compile PLC system which is perfectly  matchable with mechanical running

Coating & Laminating
Coating & Laminating

Some finished product is made by compound technology of Coating and laminating,such as double sides tape,label sticker etc


Coating techniques have various features according to different substrate and adhesives,we can customize coating line.

Auxiliary Equipments Supporting
Auxiliary Equipments Supporting

Only Coating line is not enough for the whole production,auxiliary equipments supporting is very important to the actual production.


“No quality,no everything”. Machine manufacturing is a great responsibility, there’s no any compromise on quality


We are always thinking about how to save cost,improve the easily operation and appearance. Design is art working for us


Machines are served for client’s producing, exactly satisfied clients production and management needs

Technology Innovation

Science technology is continuous to develop,we will always be improving and upgrading our technology innovation

Testing and Running

Before delivery machines and solutions to our clients site,firstly we will pass the test and run in our factory

Technology Services

Client will encounter different problems during producing,we will always  try to offer best and fast solutions.