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How to check GS company background and strength?

Taicang Guangsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd(GS) is located on Taicang city,Jiangsu province,35 kilometers far away from the Shanghai Hongqiao airport.
We are manufacturer and designer for industry tapes coating machine,cutting machine, slitting machine and rewinding machine.Read More.

There have one Chinese proverb: it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times. We warmly welcome your visit to our company!

Where is gs company, Can I come and visit?

Address: No.16,DongAn road,Taicang city,China(Post:215400)

(35KM distance with Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 85KM distance with Shanghai PVG airport)

If you want to come and visit us, we will arrange the pick-up in advance.

Can I see your former client's cases machines running?

The answer is “YES”. Pls check our projects, here we list some clients cases details.
But one more things we should notice in advance, some industry have secrets agreements between former clients with us, and some clients worry about the technology leakage or intratype competition, so that we should see the real situation and make arrangement in advance.

Can you guarantee machine quality?

Before answer this question,I want to explain the machine manufacture,delivery, installation and test run process.

(1)order confirmation.  we will clearly discuss with client about the specification, e.g output,speed,PLC control, winding,rewinding ,oven etc. and offer the final drawing and technical parameter for confirmation

(2)After machine manufacturing finish ,we will enter the trial running in our workshop,inspect the mechanical and electrics details,eliminate any bugs. If there’s no any problem, we will enter the packing and delivery process according to shipment date.

(3)We will strictly conduct packing details, such as seaworthy wooden case

(4)Installation and test run with raw materials at clients site, till to client satisfied.

(5)Maintenance and training: we will teach client how to operate the machines and solve the problems.

In one word, we are not just guarantee the machine quality, but also guarantee clients production to be successful.

Why PVC tape rolls will be elongated after coating?

The PVC film is soft with high stretching. When  drying the glue in the oven, the PVC film is also heated with glue, it cause the film more soft and  easily stretched. And it have a lengthwise tension force on film when winding and transfer the PVC film. So that the speed control is very important. The speed difference will also make a uneven tension on film.
To solve this problem and make perfect pvc tape, the PVC tape roll need to do curing. We must build a curing room for curing the fresh pvc tape rolls.
The curing room best temperature range: 72-82℃ degree; curing time:12-15 hours. Time short or longer depend on winding length of  pvc tape rolls. It can make the molecule structure of PVC film to be recovered to balance structure.

How to remove the lines after adhesives coating ?

Adopt the coating method of Mayer bar or Comma roller,sometimes there have littery lines on the tape surface which is negatively affect the tape appearance.

Mainly due to the impurity in glue and high cohesion cause the lines on coating surface.

As we know,there is no 100% clean raw materials,some glue chemical ingredients do not reaction completely, which cause particle happened. And if there have much dirts in operation area is also a non-negligible factor , thus before coating,filter the glue and keep the machine clean is very important.

Regarding glue high cohesion, it need modify the formula when making the glue reaction.

In addition,we should also consider to use smooth bar to make the surface smooth.

If I get the perfect machines ,can I surely make perfect tapes?

The answer is “not be sure”.

good machine is just one part of your production plan,production technical is also very important. It looks like one people who want to cook delicious food, except perfect cooker tools,  also need good skills of how to cook the delicious food.

What kind of adhesives is suitable for your coating machine use?

Our coating machine mainly oriented Solvent-Based and water-Based adhesives.

What is Solvent-Based adhesive?
Solvent-Based Acrylate and modified acrylics, rubber and resin (synthetic and natural), and silicon. The solvent-based process achieves fluidisation by solvation and solidification by evaporation.
Strong points: most versatile adhesive properties, full range of thickness.

What is Water-Based adhesive?
water-Based Acrylate and modified acrylics, and rubber and resin(synthetic and natural). The waterborne dispersions process achieves fluidisation by dispersion in water and solidification by evaporation and coagulation.
Strong points: thin to medium thickness, high cohesion,applicable to solvent-sensitive films.

Which Tape business is best?

Tape is definitely belong to consumable material used in different industry,such as daily packing ,cars,building,infrastructure,medicine etc. It have huge application range, it’s hard to list them all. Before to answer this question, you should make a details investigation for your country markets or local region, and check the available industrial resources which around your side,well,exact market investigation normally is not easy. There also have one shortcut for middle-small company or individual,check the top company related business range,pay attention on their trends. Such as 3M , TESA ,Symbio. TOP company normally have full-around and scientific investigation for tape business.

What kinds of adhesive tapes can I produce in my local regions ?

There are some popular tapes which are frequently used in our daily life ,BOPP packing tape, stationery tape, PVC electric insulating tape, double side tape, foam tape, PE protection tape, label sticker, cloth duct tape and masking tape.
Except consider about the local markets developing situation, you should also think about the materials acquisition costs and availability .
For example,if you want to do paper masking tape. You must get the crepe paper as substrate. Crepe paper normally import from American,Canada,Italy,China etc minority country.
Which kinds film (substrates) is available at your place ? Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyester (PET), poly vinyl chloride (PVC), Copper foil and Aluminum foil, etc. Thus above tapes can be produced at your place.
What kinds of adhesives which used for above tapes? Popularly only 2 kinds – water based Acrylic adhesives and solvent based Acrylic adhesives.

Therefore if you could get or import these adhesives then you can produce above tapes.

What is coating techniques?

Coating is the process of bringing the adhesive onto a backing/substrate. The standard equipment used for solvent-based adhesives is the knife-over-roll, roll-over-roll and reverse-roll coater. Gravure coating is usually applied for very thin coatings with low viscosity adhesives. For high efficiency, coating is usually performed over 1m plus width. The tape rolls are obtained by cutting the web into strips with a width of a few millimetres up to several centimetres. The finishing techniques below are then applied.

Do you offer the turnkey projects?


In China,there have less turnkey project in our past projects, normally we just design and provide production lines and work with their production technique. such as Crown double side tissue tape, Symbio PVC electrical tape,PET production tape. they have many years production experiences. But actually we have ability to provide the turnkey projects ,we have many years projects served experiences and abundant resources,such as veteran technician.

In many developing country, their industry economy is fast developing, high demand for good quality tapes, but their production experience is still lag behind, improving the production and management level will cost much time and price.At this point,we can bring advanced technology from China and serve for projects with less costs,help client reduce business risks.